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Volume 1: Days Gone Bye (issues #1-6)Edit Rick Grimes and his partner Shane are involved in a fight with an on the loose convict. Rick gets shot and blacks out. He awakes one month later alone in an abandoned hospital. Grimes finds the hospital's cafeteria packed with zombies, and barely escapes with his life. He returns to his home, solely to find it abandoned and catches a shovel in the back of the head. once he awakes he discover that a young boy named Duane Jones had hit him, believing him to be a zombie. Duane's father Morgan explains about the zombie plague and the way they need taken up in Rick's neighbor's house, hoping to ride it out. After providing them with some weapons, Rick makes for Atlanta, believing his wife Lori and son Carl went there to search out shelter. once Rick reaches Atlanta he becomes encircled by zombies, however escapes thanks only to the help of glenn. glenn leads Rick to an encampment outside the town, where he meets his wife and Shane, and many different survivors as well: Allen, his wife donna and twin youngsters Billy and Ben; dale an older man whose rv is used by the cluster for a base; Jim; Carol and her girl Sophia; and Amy along with her sister Andrea.

 Rick adapts quickly to life within the encampment, shortly turning into its de-facto leader alongside Shane. He and glenn daringly raid a gun store in the town, avoiding detection by rubbing items of a zombie on their clothes and skin to smell sort of a zombie. Rick additionally teaches the cluster to shoot and also the training comes in handy once the camp is beset by zombies. many survivors are bitten.

 Afterward, Rick finds himself at odds with Shane. Rick argues that the camp is unsafe, however Shane wants to stay. Things come to a head when Rick confronts Shane in the forest while hunting. Rick suspects that Shane had an affair with Lori and currently Shane feels that everything will be okay if he kills Rick. throughout the confrontation, Shane makes an attempt to kill Rick, however Carl-who was following them, shoots Shane and says 'No one hurts my daddy!"

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